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Well its not a pop up, but fold up…..

Thanks to one of my friends for posting this up on another forum, I thought I would pass this along.

Some of you might have seen the commercial “Ghost Blind” that uses mirrored material. They cost $300 and they’re on sale for $250 right now in the link below.


I did a little “hunting” on the Trad Gang archery site (PowWow Forum) this morning and found these two great videos on how to make your own “do it yourself” Ghost Blind. 😀 The guy showing you how to make them has to call them a “Casper Blind” so he doesn’t get sued. These two “Part 1 and Part 2” videos will show you how to make your own Casper Blind that shouldn’t cost you an arm, a leg, three fingers and two toes to build. These two videos below are the cat’s meow. 😎 Enjoy!