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Doc Nock
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I would agree with you the thread has considerable value. Its good that folks realize that EFOC is not a cure all for every situation… but it has convinced me thru field experience that it surely does improve things.

I had all the right set up, but used one of those pull thru sharpeners and got them super sharp… but they’d dull for some reason in my quiver and I’d re-sharpen (touch up) every other evening. WT?

Turns out that tool created a very thin 19* bevel that was sharp going in but very dull coming out. I got two holes, but it slowed enough (due to becoming dull inside the deer?) that the deer when shot and took off to run, would snap off the head of the shaft with the offside shoulder, leaving the arrow inside the deer plugging the holes! They dropped in sound or sight, so I got them, but if it’d been off a skosh, then what?

I got the KME system, learned it from Ron and now get complete pass through with the same set up… was it a sharpness thing? Dunno, but I now have a 25* bevel and it’s way, way more durable.

Refinements are infinite in this game of sticks… and it is a game of inches…