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I am a man with issues I have been told by many. They tell me that hunting and the outdoors should not run any man’s life the way it runs mine. I think they are just jealous that they are missing the big picture!

So in a nutshell I am a 32yr old Wildlife Habitat Biologist, that moonlights as a hunting guide, free-lance videographer, editor, african safari booking agent, and hunt aholic. I have PROGRESSED from modern firearms, to high tech compounds, to a recurve (best $20 and case a beer I ever spent), to a longbow, to beginning to make my own equipment. Spend as much time behind the video camera and editing station as I do the bow now a days.

Married the best looking, smartest, most understanding woman that ever walked the planet. The only time she complains about my 200+ days per year in the field is when she doesn’t get to go with me or I track mud in the house!

Call Oregon home, but have galavanted all over the west. Even took up roots in NM, CO, and ID. College a lot of it, but hunting the rest. Love those western skies!