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Hello all, fairly new member here. Love the forum, complete with a few of my favorite writers! Name is Jim (or Mac) and live with my beautiful lady, Cheryl, in the southern tier of western NY (read; snowbelt). At 53 years young we have subscribed to a simple way of living, sharing our one room log cabin with a spunky lab and spending our time (when work doesn’t interfere) in the woods of our property which borders a few thousand acres of state lands. Have bowhunted since a teen, starting with a stickbow for years and then spent a few wretched years behind a compound (please forgive me) before finding my way back to what matters several years ago. While Cheryl doesn’t bowhunt she does love to wingshoot and turkey hunting has become a favorite pastime (when she isn’t chopping and putting up wood – God bless her!).

Looking forward to conversing with all you fellow trad-hunters and good people on here. Special call-out to Dave Petersen whose book; “On the Wild Edge”, which I discovered a year after Cheryl and I made this move was akin to receiving a stamp of approval for the choice we made. Truly inspirational to both of us, although Cheryl would love to have your wifes take on it…..:wink: