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hi everyone, just started bowhunting when i was 37 never really hunted before, i spent 13 years in the army. moved back to indiana in 2000 that when a friend of my wife said that i should try hunting with her husband since i liked being outdoors. so i went and bought me my first compound bow had six weeks of practice with it went out a couple of times before i saw my first deer, it was an eight pointer i was sitting on the ground the deer was ten yards from me i drew back put the pin right on the vitals and released the arrow . that deer duck that arrow so fast i had never seen anything like that except in the movies and wow was i hooked. the next season i took three deer with a bow then at least 2 every year since , that was five years ago then last year i tried my luck at hunting with a recurve i have killed several dozen rabbits,and more squirrels than i can count even a coyote or two but not one deer yet . that is my goal this year. to harvest a deer with my recurve. had some one told me that i would enjoy archery and hunting with a bow 20 years ago i proably would have laughed at them i have the pleasure of surfing , hang gliding ,parachuting ,and several other things but never enjoyed anything as much as bow hunting. WOW ITS ADDICTING SO HAVE FUN EVERYONE AND GOOD LUCK TO YOU THIS SEASON!!!