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sorry new here,wasnt quit sure how to post to this ,
my name is kevin,
most all know me as deaddrift,a term used in flyfishing of which ive been doing the last 10 yes of my life,live in sunny calif ,been married to a wonderful woman for the past 16 yrs as of the 4th of this month .
we have 2 beautiful children and boy and girl,shot compound for a very long time,came by way of a book store jan of this yr.found the trad bow magazine. bought my first copy and that was it ,just bought 2 take down recurves 1 for myself and the other for my 15 yr old son ,who wants to get a turkey more that a girlfriend:lol:,its ok by me ,I am a union glazier by trade ,I do all the archetectural metal and glass for high rise and skyscrapers in the northern bay area.
this is a fantastic place and a very good group of individuals ,im looking forward to many moons here under your teepee’s and hope to find a friend or 2.
thank you for such a great place to hang out,id been injured at work and had to under go spinal surgery,and am now bed bound for quite some time so as I recover,I hope to get to know some of you .
ty for having me and my son on board ,