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Steve Sr.
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:DTotally agree, Troy. Thanks.

Does give me an “excuse” to play with my old Kelly arrows though.

Kelly only fletched right wing, or at least all IVE ever seen were.

For pushing 30 years one of Kelly’s arrows went to the woods with me…….this one couldnt be any different.

As you kindly pointed out, most of our equipment is seriously “over kill” for whitetail (at least for those of us without our own tv show? 😉 ) and everything I hunt with is the same as Id hunt elk or moose with, had I the chance.

Doubt (seriously) there COULD be a difference but it will be fun to take a look. It’s not like I COULD make two identical shots with identical body parts pierced anyway. 😀

God Bless and great hunting to all!
Steve Sr.