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Bruce Smithhammer
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I’ll take a stab at answering your question, with the qualifier that there are obviously no ‘hard and fast’ rules to any of this – as sure as one person says they don’t recommend doing a certain thing, someone else will say that they had success doing exactly that.

I’m not familiar with the term “wolfing” elk (it might have a different meaning in Idaho..:wink: ), but personally I would not choose to camp right among elk that I am hunting during the day, nor even particularly close them. I think it’s better to back off and give them some space at night. I’d be worried that the smells/noise of camp would drive them off. I find that most times, if you can “put them to bed,” so to speak, they will likely not move too far during the night, unless they have a really good reason to. When elk do have a reason to move (such as excessive human presence nearby) they can, and likely will, move a long way before settling down again.