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jaytbuzzard wrote: I have a 27″ draw length. I’ll have plenty of shaft to work with I guess. The Beman’s are 8.4 gpi. I will start bareshaft testing soon. The only problem I have right now is that deer season started yesterday and I’ve heard that I’ll have to change my nock height due to the increase in point weight and I don’t want to mess with my hunting setup.

Having to change your nocking point isn’t always true. I like to start with a fairly level shaft, but wether you have to do it or not will be found out when you do your setup.

Afew questions, are you currently shooting 400 shafts? If so what point weight are you using? What length are you using?

Changing arrows after the start of your bowseason isn’t that big of a deal unless your one of those that like to reach out and touch someone. I really can’t see enough difference my gap between my old 525gr arrows and my new hunting 700gr arrows to cause me alot of time and trouble in adjusting to them. Until I pass 25yds my gap is approx. the same. High EFOC and UEFOC arrows tend to have a fairly flat trajectory at normal hunting yardage due to all the extra weight being in the point rather than along the length of the shaft.