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Ed Ashby
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Yes. Apparently it’s is a very good BH for hunting bricks (LOL). All jokes aside, I’ve found no other ‘test medium’ that gives a clear indicator of how any BH will perform on fresh bone. Bones are not only hard-surfaced, they have surfaces that simultaneously curve in multiple directions. Mother Nature specifically designed the skeletal system to deflect, redirect and disipate impact forces, forstalling penetration.

Bones are also constructed is such a way that they can absorb a huge amount of impact force, relative to their mass. Our modern armor’s technology is just starting to catch up with that. The so called ‘smart armor’ now used on military vehicles and on bullet-proof vest function similar to bones. There’s a hard outer surface that’s set at angles, to the maximum amount possible, and then there are inner layers that are ‘less hard and less brittle’ than the outer layer. Those inner layers absorb and disipate forces during penetration, reducing total penetration.

Arrow penetration seems so simple but, in reality, it’s a very complex process.