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As an aside for those interested, I’ve done a fair amount of testing with the new Elites as we have considered carrying them. I am convinced the glue on’s are the better heads at this point.

If you were to look at the glue on twin to the head pictured above, the 125 gr glue on, I believe it would have fared better than the 150 pictured. I’m not saying it wouldn’t have been damaged, and certainly I’m not disputing Ashby’s work regarding 3 blades or Woodsmans (I love his stuff). What I am saying is if you’re going to shoot a Woodsman Elite, I’d take a hard look at the glue ons over the screw ins.

I’m currently using a few 125 Elite glue on’s mounted to steel adapters, which I believe are a stronger set up then the dedicated factory screw in versions.