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That’s too cool, Paleo. A guy in the adjoining county found a fantastic Clovis point a few weeks ago. Just the worked edge was showing in the sand of a small creek. The man who made that point surely saw mammoths and other ice age megafauna.

I know I’ve mentioned it before (but it fascinates me so I’ll blabber on some more even if you’ve heard it:lol:) but we have found a fair number of artifacts on our little farm. The area where I find most of them is classically situated for a village or camp location. A point of high ground on a bluff above a major creek with a small tributary to the west. Near endless creek swamp (still loaded with game) on the east and west, and sunny uplands stretching away to the south.

I have found intact projectile points (Bolen Bevel) dating to the early Archaic (7,000-10,000 bp), as well as at least four different pottery types belonging to three different cultures, some as recently as contact era. In other words, the area has been used by different peoples over many thousands of years as both hunting grounds and as a village/seasonal camp. My family’s history on the land is a mere blink in comparison, but a history and a connection nonetheless. But it is incredible to hold a tool crafted by someone who lived, hunted, loved, and possibly died on the same ground I’m so attached to. I sometimes just sit there and imagine what it looked like, and try to smell the campfires.

Here’s a few pics of pottery, points, and flake knives, etc.

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