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Mark Turton
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SB, I’ve always liked Sheppard’s but never owned one, I had a neighbour some years ago a police officer whose work dogs were a Sheppard and Springer, the springer was trained as a bomb dog and I used to give him my old powder cans it always worried me to see the teeth marks in them, he loved his job.
My two are always busy the important thing is to ensure they are busy doing what I want them to do, left to their own devises nothing is safe from being explored.
Copper the liver and white is really my daughters dog, when she is home odd weekends he follows her everywhere and when she goes away he sulks and growls at everyone, she says he’s just purring.

Patrick, I also have a lab, 14 years old hips are bad and one elbow is shot but still gets up in the mornings and wants breakfast, we go for long walks but don’t go very far, he sniffs every blade of grass and bush, be nice if he saw another spring.