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David Petersen
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Monk — I second both Jeremy and Wexbow: The bow appears to be bending excessively right out from the fades, and perhaps not coincidentally that’s precisely where nearly all of my own failed Osage bows eventually broke. I suspect you need to thin the limbs from midpoint out a wee bit. But of course that will lower your draw weight. That in turn can get you into the “leveling the table” syndrome where you may have to shorten the bow a bit to get your weight back up, and on and on. Also, may be the video angle, but it looks as if the top limb is longer than the lower, though the tiller, so far as balance between limbs, appears good. Do ask Clay before you start removing more wood. I have one of his Osage selfbows, and twisted snakey beauty that is absolutely flawless as a shooter. He’s the go-to guy for selfbows right now, though we have other experts as well. I ain’t among them. 😛