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I just got a line on a “serious” wood store that I thought had closed. No Osage available, but hickory. I’m going to visit there today and see if I can get some better-grained hickory. They also have a few exotics that I will look at but I need to keep an eye on how much I’m spending on another attempt. I’ve already put just a few dollars on the bows that would not be. so I am being cautious. I just picked up TBB 1, The Bent Stick and Dean Torges’ “Hunting the Bamboo bow” DVD and have learned what I have been doing wrong….I think. Anyway, it is time to be more careful and give ‘er another go. I’ve seen what I thought was good tiller in my attempts but have pre-stressed the wood too much resulting in breakage. ‘t ain’t easy, is it.