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Maybe it’s about the timing of the thinking through??? Better have it thought through thoroughly and figured out before the time of need.

I’m no way debating learning to shoot open, closed, backwards stance or whatever, you just need to learn what works for you, get good at it and do it.

Not debating reading, watching videos, which, by the way, are a great advantage now as to when I began.

The touchdown pass, or the strike three pitch to win the series is no different than the arrow you’re fixing to loose. Those folk do what they do well, have repeatedly done it as that also needs to be done when shooting a bow. They practiced, they were taught technique but it boils down to that they use their natural ability to perform in the manner of the best that they are.

If technique was all there was to it, practice technique and we’d all shoot the same with the same results. That works for Olympic style pretty good, for the most part all factors of the shot are known, but….

“It matters not who, where or when, the jerking of the trigger, the brain fart exists.” (Me:roll:)

I’m simply saying if you got it going, work on making YOUR skill better. That includes for some, blind bale shooting, drawing and holding without loosing, and various methods of self control. Yeah, one was probably exposed to those through a book or video. Those are methods for perfecting YOUR muscles, YOUR hand/eye coordination, YOUR abilities. Someone explained how that worked for them. Maybe it is/will working/work for you but if not so what, if so, thanks.

We are none two alike, that’s why there is no one way to “correctly” shoot a bow, throw a pass, pitch a ball..so practice “YOU”….

And have fun doing it, not fighting it……

Besides, it’s cool what one can sometimes find buried underneath the scratched up grass. Where I get to stump shoot, stumps don’t exist so it’s done in name only. What we shoot at the arrows passes through so grass scratching is part of the game.:D Artifacts are discovered at times.. Ugly bugs and snakes too…