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Jason Wesbrock
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In Ontario, nonresidents must go through an outfitter (it’s the law). Only in a few units are guides required. There are a few pitfalls of which to be aware in Ontario. First: bull tags for nonresidents are tighly limited to outfitters, but calf tags are unlimited and over the counter, and party hunting is legal (anyone in the group can fill anyone else’s tag, with certain restrictions). So what a lot of outfitters will do is book a group of four hunters and sell them one bull tag and three calf tags. The hunts cost less, so they’re popular with a lot of folks. But you basically end up with four people all fighting to kill one animal. Personally, I’d pass.

Ontario, while it certainly has a good population of moose, isn’t exactly known as the place to go for the best chance to fill a tag (it’s not Newfoundland). You may hunt hard an entire week and never see a bull. Yes, there are no guarantees in fair chase hunting, but despite what a lot of outfitters claim, there isn;t exactly a moose behind every poplar tree.

Whatever you decide, best of luck. If you go, I’ll look forward to reading about it here.