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Doc Nock
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Thanks, Mike. Looking forward to your reply.

I remember that article of Doc’s… can’t remember where: S. America or S. Pacific tribe… they ARE 4′ long…

what intrigued me in chat with Doc was that each member of the tribe, had found metal and an abandoned air strip and it was their first experience with metal heads…

Ed said they weight approx 1000 gr!!!

Each bowman cut his arrows till they flew right, being natural fiber shafting… with these humongous heads!

He commented that it looked like each guy had mis-matched arrows as the quiver was full of varied length arrows, but EACH was tuned to that man’s BOW!

Guess when survival and food depend on shooting well, you spend what time needed to get good results, huh?! 😯

I did NOT pick up they were also unfletched, I was more intrigued on the fact each was a different length as I was tuning some GT 7595’s at that time and had 3 requiring a different length from the rest…which was consistent with another gent from here’s findings that in a given dozen of commercial carbon, 2-4 would be out of spine tolerance… so I tuned EACH one individually. Lot of shooting, but I knew they all flew the same when I was done!