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Col Mike
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Some where I saw a video from Dr. Ed showing some of our ancestors shooting arrows that where about 4 feet long with some massive points and no fletching.

Yesterday started a new book “The Unconquered” In search of the Amazon’s last Uncontacted Tribes. Scott Wallace. One of the tribes is known as the arrow people. Only one picture of one who came in (because the search was bounded by the rule that they couldn’t contact–good ole guns,germs,and steel), it appears that he is holding some very long shafts with no fletching–points not visible.

Will let you know if I learn anything from the text once I get into it. But this does offer some food for thought and some further experiments.:wink:

Doc, Wose, will answer your PM’s tomorrow the downstairs computer is involved in our anti-fracking fight for the rest of the evening.