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Col Mike
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Duncan wrote: Col Mike,

Thanks for posting this link. I got my copy today and watched it tonight. If I could have a big brother I would want him to be just like Dave. Even if most of us will never live the way Dave has lived he still sets the example for all of us. He shows us how we should conduct ourselves as human beings as well as bowhunters. Thank you Dave for a wonderful documentary.


Duncan great to see you here again. I spent the first two weeks in June with my big brother Dave on a road trip from Durango to Glacier retracing many of the scenes in the movie. You can imagine those two old men and a 5 1/2 old golden named Willy and the incredible time we had in the old truck and camper, the campfires and the search for grizzlies west of glacier and north of Polebridge Mt.

He tells me that sales of the movie continue to trickle in so thank you all for passing the word–he is a piece of trad bow hunting heritage.

Semper Fi