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P–yeah the kill happened after Chris (film maker) left.

Duncan-Yep the conversations were what you would expect from two old guys who decided to leave the gps behind and me navigating with Dave’s 30 year old road map. Minimum grizzly encounters, but great times. We camped in all of he and Carolyn’s spots that they visited over some 30 years. Grizzly camp 1 is described in the book On The Wild Edge some where around chapter 23 or 24. We were there for about 4 days. Conversations ran the gamut from Ed Abby to Guthrie and the Big Sky–to quantum mechanics and the big bang. The only problem is that I now share his addiction to huckleberry ice cream. We made a daily run to Polebridge for it, and yes a cold beer and a meal other then dinty mores.

Just talked to him tonight and he said thanks to all and he just ordered 300 more copies of the film—so pass the word.

As Dave and I discussed, family is one thing, but friendship lasts forever even during the tough times. This forum contains some great friends many of whom I probably will never meet, but have no doubt when it happens-we will have smiles on our faces and great conversation.