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David Petersen
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I would think with o/c tags there would be hunters thick as ants out there! No public land either, I guess. My father was born and raised in the Dust Bowl near Rankin, now Reydon, north of Cheyenne, near the site of the Black Kettle massacre (Custer’s final cowardly slaughter of innocents before his karma caught up with him at the Little Big Horn. Sure would be a hoot to hunt that area for something other than jackrabbits, which are what I started on there as a kid and nothing else left. Made a couple of pheasant hunts out there as a kid also, but like elsewhere they ran in the corn stubble and nenver got up, as I had no dog. If they’re not already it’s just a matter of time before blood-sucking leach outfitters lease the best lands to sell to the highest and most inept bidders, leaving the rest of us as usual, locked out. All high praise to public lands! dp