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Well said fellows. I agree. The really troubling part to me is that our culture, including hunters at times, believes that the single voice of a celebrity (remember that fame isn’t always merited based on intellect, work ethic, or ability; sometimes it just lands in the lap of the wrong folks) carries more weight than that of a thousand reasonable, fine folks. In other words, our society, and hunters at times, seemed starved for someone who is big/famous to gain attention for us and then speak on our behalf. The problem here is that those who are famous and then speak on our behalf rarely have the character, thoughtfulness, or down-to-earth-mindedness that we do. They fall, and then we do too, all by proxy.

Here is a rule of thumb for those celebs in the hunting world out there: If you are an avid self-promoter, you should always practice self-examination. At best, you become a more thoughtful and moral person by doing so, at worst, your narcissism doesn’t devolve into criminality.