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Woe, Woe, Woe, I live and hunt in the great state of California and it’s as close to communist as Russia is.

The fish and game here is the worst of all 50 states, the animal right people hold high offices here, they are not for the hunter, they are out to get you on thousands of stupid and petty laws they have concocted to wright you a ticket and fine you, making millions and millions of dollars for the state.

California fish and game is nothing more than a pimp, prostituting the wild game for money, wild life management my A$$.

You need a law degree just to understand the vague and misleading and often unclear regulation they put out, if you don’t understand the rules, they can interpret them to mean anything they want, your guilty and for a fee they will let you go.

Have you ever went faster than the posted speed limit?
Have you ever rolled through a stop sign?
Have you ever made a turn with out using your turn signal?

Ted had a guide, the guide should of known the law and kept him legal, out of 11 so called charges only 2 stuck: pleaded no contest to two misdemeanors in Yuba county court, illegally baiting a deer, and failing to have a deer tag signed by a government official after a kill.

The guide, Ross Albert Patterson, pleaded no contest to taking an animal illegally and was fined $1,225.

Do you think Ted was trying to break the law? he put it on TV, I think, he thought everything was legal, as he trusted his guide, to know what was legal and what was illegal.