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I’m in southern Ohio , where most , if not all is 3rd or 4th cut timber. The understory is thick as hair on a mink in most places .

At 56 years old and experiencing Degenerative disc disease , I may not get to live out my dream of using the pack/seat I have designed and built. But, I’m willing to try ,,,,,,,,and it may come to simply dropping the pack somewhere along the trail and switch to squirrel hunting , to pick up the pack on the return trip.

I am realistically trying to avoid anything physical that may hinder me from hunting while at the same time giving thought to the possible tasks at hand that may arise during any hunt .

Beyond the pack ,,,or the sled ,,,take care of your body .

I was young and felt invincable and did foolish things ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and now am reduced because of it .