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Doc Nock
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Very good point, Jason. The custom string builder serves under hydraulic tension and he wanted to have them back to do some investigation.

Secondly, paying for a brand new string, then slicing off the serving gave me the heebie-geebies, so I agreed to return them.

Actually, the question was his own. Whether there is a nock where the throat and (as he calls them) “calipers” were closer in size than some mfg supplied nocks on carbons.

I’m waiting to hear cause we did some R&D on the issue, but nocks I use fit on his string just fine, not mine. We even exchanged videos of the nock fit and tap off scenario.

So I’m just going to reserve to suit myself once he removes the serving.

Seems the Eastor 3D Super nock is pretty straight with out a much larger throat “hole” at the bottom.

Thanks for your post!