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David Petersen
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OK, I called the FWS spokesman and then read the entire notice in the Federal Register. It sounds pretty benign, with a fairly representative list of categories from which reps will be selected. Of course industry is over-represented, but that’s government today and always in America. I did write the heads of both BHA and TRCP (Teddy Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, a national sportsman conservation group based in MT) and urge them to submit applications to be on the panel, as per above — equal time for us “quality” folks vs. the “quantity” usual suspects. There is also a slot for an archery rep, and I don’t know how that will be filled. The closest thing trad has to a national organization is Comptoms and I’ll urge them to apply for a seat but something tell me they won’t. Trad bowhunting groups in general prefer to remain apolitical even when their/our feet are being burned. So it will likely go to P&Y or such. And frankly, these things are usually pro forma — that is, for appearance, feelgood and never have much if any influence. So end of this story, so far as I’m concerned, is nothing to worry about. But thanks for bringing it to our attention. dave