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James Harvey
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sinawalli wrote: Nice bow Jim! Ever since your thread on short recurves came up, I’ve been looking around. Damn you, I thought guns and tattoos were the only thing I couldn’t have one of!

Well, you’re in the right place to buy them, they’re rare as hens teeth down here!

I asked a fella named George Stout for his recommendations, as I’ve seen a couple of youtube videos of him shooting some short bows quite accurately. He said there were lots of good bows in the 52″ realm: Cascade Golden Hawk, Kodiak Mag, Wing Thunderbird, Ben Pearson BPH 52

He also recommended these in 54″: The Brownings…Nomad I and Safari I, The Shakespeare Super Necedah 54″.

From the moment I first saw one years ago, I’ve thought the Bear Kodiak Magnum was about the most beautiful bow I’d ever seen. Just a bit too long to fit in the kayak 😉