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Thanks for the kind words fellas, it sure is a piece of art. And naturally, Gregg gets a big thanks 😉

Mike and DWC, I had just spent a large portion of yesterday going through my stock of remnant shafts to find a match and some 65-70# Sitka Spruce tuned beautifully with a 190 grain head up front. But I’ve only got 3 of them left. I fletched two last night and left one bare for confirmatory tuning today, after which I was going to take some video.

Well, there I was kneeling by the target, my two fletched arrows and bare shaft piled neatly together and as I’m fiddling with the camera I hear a horrifying ‘snap’. I look to my target and there is my beautiful little 2 year old girl smiling at me with the back half of a sitka spruce arrow in her hands. I guess she was trying to pull it out for me and judging by her smile she thought she had succeeded.

To cut a long story short, I thought I shouldn’t shoot either of my two remaining tuned arrows in the mood I was in, so instead stoked up a peace pipe and reread one of my favourite chapters from a Don Thomas book and cooled off.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll get a very short video up, shouldn’t take long to shoot two arrows 😉