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I have two other longbows made by a schulz graduate and they shoot very well but the Schulz bow is even better! I was amazed becuase the other two were literally made for me! for some reason this type of bow agrees with me it shoots so well its scary at times. my groups are tighter it takes less concentration to shoot well. i thought it was just me but im convinced there is just something about this bow. I just saw another Natural on ebay buy it now for $1200. I got my natural for $400 with shipping and its like a brand new bow

I got my second Schulz bow 4 lams of bamboo with brown glass over it for $425 including shipping. The one thing ive noticed is Schullz bows are heavier draw weight than whats marked on the limbs but i like shooting high poundage. but my bow is marked 56# @26″ and its way shouter than my bows built by a schulz graduate who made very fine longbows that scaled out at 72# @28″ but the performance is worth it. this bow literally shoots where i think i want the arrow to go and after shooting longbows for most of my life off and on thats amazing to me. I guess back in the day men were men and arrows needed heavy spine weights.

My Naturaol is marked 80#@28″ and its a really stout bow to be sure but its like brand bew so i dont use it much. I could never replace it so it hangs in my home office most of the time. I must confess all my longobws shoot better than i do! every tie i think ive found the best shooting longobw on the planet i get one that shoots better but I think ive maxed out now.