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One more suggestion. Not sure what you’re shooting into or what is behind the target, but be very careful. Make sure the backstop goes at least 3ft above the target, especially if there is ANY thing behind it you do not want to hit.

I will tell you a story of a friend of mine. He shoot compounds, and with a mechanical release. He USED to shoot in his back yard, that had houses all around. One afternoon/evening he was shooting near dusk. He had made some changes to his setup and was testing them. he is also one of those guys that draws with his bow arm elevated, and brings it down as he draws the bow back.

Well about his 10th shot, he draws it back, and with it only about 1/3 of the way back, the release did just that. The arrow zipped off and he heard a “tink” sound. Thinking it had gone over his block wall (lots of those in Southern Ca, and hit his neighbors far side block wall, he peeked over the fence. No one was there, it was getting dark, and the neighbors lawn was overgrown, so he decided to look the next morning. No biggie he figured. That was until a couple hours later, and he got a knock on his door. Answering the door, he saw a Deputy Sheriff, HOLDING HIS ARROW. The Sheriff asked to see his teenage son. Seeing the arrow, he said “I can explain that”, but the Sheriff insisted on seeing the boy. He finally explained, that it was HIS arrow, and what had happened. He asked where it was found, and the deputy saif, “Three houses down, it went through the dual pane, upstairs window, and stuck in the families armoire.:shock:

Of course he told the officer, I will pay for everything, anything that needs repaired will be totally taken care of and was humbly apologizing. You see he and I both were air traffic controllers, and he was a second level manager, that would NOT look good on his resume!

Sooo, be careful what is behind you before you let go of the arrow.:D