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I still wound’t personally buy a bow made in China. It sounds to me some people are more interested in discussing the politics or debating whether or not my personal opinion it meets up to their standards. It’s simply a personal decision. My advice I would give to a good friend and therefore I gave it here honestly. Regardless of cell phones, arrows or factories it is the advice I would give.

I would recommend that if you want a good bow buy one from a human being who stands behind their product in the USA or Canada. With the exception of a few European bow makers. If you want a bow made in China then get it by all means. People were shooting great long before ILF limbs. I never used them and continue to shoot just fine. That’s a fact in of itself. I’m not into factory bows either. I’d get one crafted with individual care.

On the politics side of things— and in direct response to Korean arrows:
BTW South Koreans are not commies. They can have my cash for arrows long before the Chinese who continually spy on us.