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David Petersen
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I own only one bow quiver, which I switch among all my bows as needed. It’s a little Kanati 4-arrow model that I got back when Shrew was selling them in their on-line catalog. Best bow quiver I’ve ever owned with two exceptions: the foam insert seems inferior and wears out really quickly (I solved that problem by getting a replacement foam from Thunderhorn, whose small quivers are the same size as the Kanati (and Thunderhorn also makes excellent bow quivers) … and one of the rubber straps broke the first season of use and when I contacted Kanati about a replacement I didn’t feel they were very sympathetic (should have provided a free replacement but I had to pay). But what keeps me using it is the small size, good looks, and mostly the very efficient strap-on system that beats any others I’ve tried for ease of use, rock-solid mounting, and silence in action.