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smiley1 wrote: J. Wesbrock,

When I inquired about the 3″ broadhead regulation. I found out it was enacted right around the same time cross-guns were legalized during the general archery season. It seems they were concerned nimrods would be running around the woods with cross-guns cocked and such a long broadhead would impose a more dangerous situation if he/she were to slip and fall!!!! Go figure???? Probably had something to do with the major archery and cross-gun manufacturers lobbying in Harrisburg also.

About 4 years ago the PGC changed the language on definition of a broadhead to state “Broadheads must be manufactured from Steel” meaning primitive type heads napped from stone, obsidian etc. were illegal. When I brought that to their attention it was quickly changed and was never enacted.


You better read your game laws COMPLETELY then, cause with that kind of logic, they probably banned carrying hunting knives LONGER than 3.25″. Sounds like some of the geniuses from CA moved out there. At least your assembly makes IMPROVEMENTS to your game laws. Ours only get worse.