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Thanks Man! She is an Angel – only slightly stinkier lol.

Same experience here. Nate wanted to replace my first Hunter because he mixed the finish too hard and it started flaking a bit. I simply had him refinish it and its perfect. He wanted to replace my 2nd Hunter because I wanted horn on the tips and the caramel horn he chose turned black when sanded and he wanted to replace THAT bow. I declined and he still says I can send it back whenever to have it replaced with phenolic!

Its amazing how far he has come since December 2009. Since buying my first bow I’ve seen him add at least 8 other woods to his options, horn/phenolic limb tip options, a takedown option, veneers, the Royal, etc. Hell I’ve even got the first Hunter with the extreme cut-to-center riser! lol

That is incredible growth in a short period of time. There is a lot of Bama buzz too. I was the only one talking about his work forever. Its nice to have friends! lol He needs to put an ad in Tradbow.