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Congratulations on the little angel!:D I got my Bama Bow in this past week. Great bow, Nate is a first class man to deal with. Nate found a small and I mean small spot under the glass and offered to build another bow for me. I asked to see the bow so he shipped it out and he did not feel good about it I must admit. Anyway she is a beauty and shoots great. I spoke with Nate after receiving the bow and he was glad I called because he insisted on building another bow for me. Long story short he is building another bow,the hunter with Osage limbs curly maple riser and other specials included. I must say he is really a man who stands behind his work hard to find that quality these days. That act alone will have me making future purchases to add to my growing bow collection. I also just purchased a Tomahawk desert fox, both bows are 55#@28″ the Bama is 66″ that was custom by Nate most of his bows are 68″. The Tomahawk is 64″.