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Ben M. wrote: 127 Hours–Aaron Ralston

Into the Wild–John Krakauer

Neither book is about archery or hunting but both are nonfiction accounts of intense life-altering experiences, just as trad bowhunting can be for the sensitive thinker.

I recently read Into the Wild. Fascinating but also very sad.

If you liked these you might also like Wild by Cheryl Strayed. Also not about archery but deals with addiction, dysfunction and loss. Literally at a fork in the road. I mentioned it because unfortunately Cheryl encountered bowhunters that were not representitive of all bow hunters. The problem was not that they were bowhunters but that they did not conduct themselves in a respectful manner and that was very disappointing. But the truth is that type of person exists.

And for another similar story set in the Colonial Dutch West Indies, try The Ten Thousand Things by Maria Dermout.

a tragic story with amazing descriptions of the sea and islands fauna and flora and a bit of animism in the customs of the islands.

I enjoy fiction and non-fiction alike. Probably my favorite fiction writer is Jim Harrison. Start with True North and go from there. If you like it you will only want more!