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Kingwouldbe wrote: lol

Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Brother you must be a mind reader!!!

“King Kong” Lives,,,, Again

Since I couldn’t handle looseing such a weard arrow I started over. This time I had a better idea what is needed.

The shaft was made exactly the same as before, but the end results came out a little different.

The last shaft started out tailing right as though it was stiff. After making a cut (since it shouldn’t have been stiff) I found that it shot better. I then made another cut. This time the shaft shot great as long as I did my part. I even shot it unfletched with a broadhead and it flew as well as “Fronkinsteen”.

However, this time when I started out the shaft shot tail left (weak).

I cut and shot, then cut and shot again. I did this several times until the shaft flew clean.

Once it was shooting clean I noticed it was 29″. At first I thought I must have put on the wrong point. The point I used on “King Kong” 978grs. The point I used to make “Godzilla” was 1150grs.

I checked the point and sure enough it was the “King Kong” point. Can’t figure out what the heck the difference is. It must have something to do with the shaft.

Anyway, the new “King Kong” finished out weighing 1370grs. It has and FOC of 47% right on the money (after fletching). I fletched it with four 2″ A&A fleathers.

Normally I only use a three fletch, but I kinda like this new look of four fletch.

“King Kong” Lives,,,,,,, Again