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This is a sad, sad day…:cry:

“King Kong”/”Godzilla” gave up the ghost this morning.

Been waiting for a calm morning to shoot a little more and this morning proved to be the day. Temps are in the mid to upper 50’s and the wind was only 1-2mph out of the west. This allowed me to shoot into a very slight headwind rather than a cross wind.

Anyway, for some reason I flentched on a shot and pulled off target. Needless to say, right behind my target is a very large limestone bolder. Guess what I hit?

Yea, head on with no give. The point end of the shaft held up fine. However, it blew out the nock and just splintered the heckout of the last two inches of “King Kong”/”Godzilla”.

Didn’t even brad the point that bad.

I pulled the point and insert, stripped the fletching then put the nock (which I did find) back in the point end, taped up the splinters with masking tape and gave it the final shot down throught the woods.

It’s a sad, sad day….:cry: