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Bounty Hunter
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dwcphoto wrote: Right now, I’m happy with an ugly arrow, if there is such a thing, that flies pretty.

Since you build arrows, you can probably answer this question. Any problems using spray paint on a shaft? I was thinking of an easy, cheap way to make my stumpers easier to find with some orange spray paint. Ugly, sure, practical…?
Thanks, d

Are you talking about wood, carbon or aluminum shafts. I’ve never use paint on wood, always stains and then gasket laquer for the finish. I have tried spray paint on carbon and aluminum, but went to dipping them as it turns out better. For stumpers though the spray paint should work on any type of shaft. All I can tell you is give it a try on a couple and see how it works.

BRUC wrote: Look Good !!!!

Is the fletching glued on before being wrappped ?

Thanks Bruce! I use fletch tape on them before wrapping them. That way I have a nice helicoil on the feather and don’t have to try and hold them as I’m wrapping. I have done it before without glue and tape, they fly good, but just aren’t as pretty.