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stefan 1984
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verry important is to get the right poundage. thake care dont take to much, its not important to start for fun.. at the beginning you need time to draw the bow look at the target and take a smooth release.. its a lot of time you need to get the right tecnic.. my girlfriend had buy a 35 # stingrayrecurve and her arms are shacking like a cow-tail after a vew shoots… now i have buy her the same bow with 30# and shes so happy. and try the bow first.. the internet is great to get your equipement. but you have testing a bow first. its not like a rifle .. you take it you load ant shoot… by shooting a bow, your body and the bow must be in harmony together, with the right bow its a lot easyer tho hit the target.. the grip is very important and the sightfield… and you feel it when you got the right bow in your hand… and then you cant get wrong…