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As far as advice is concerned, just start out close to the target and have fun. I would recommend reading some of the books out there on trad. bow shooting if you don’t have a mentor. There are many methods of “aiming” a bare bow such as “instinctive” or the gap method. I recommend trying a few style to see what you like. There are even different ways of putting your fingers on the string such as split or three under the arrow. All the methods have their pros and cons.

As far as bows are concerned, the x200 is a decent bow. The price they are asking for the 30lb is fair. You can save money by shopping the internet, but there is something to say for being able to go to one of the few trad shops in the country and actually shot the bows first. They are also a full service shop and can outfit you will arrows and the other accessories you need.

If you don’t mind “commie” bows as some call them, the Samick sage is a decent shooting bow for little money. Three Rivers Archery has it for $119 and extra limbs for $68. This way you could buy light limbs to start with and build up to heavier limbs latter or for a growing child. I imagine RMSGear could order you one for a reasonable price as well if you want to stay local. Good luck and have fun. Remember, aim small, miss small.