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Chad Sivertsen
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Hey Elkheart,
Lots of good advice above. Google Earth, low saddles on ridges, those internal edges, fence corners. WTs like to travel the easy routes if not pressured but will be in thick stuff if they are being pressured. WTs tend to be nocturnal and the big bucks more so IMO. You should be able to find a scrape, check the end of ridges where it drops off or thick brushy areas to sit, both bucks and does visit scrapes. Scrapes on open edges could be nocturnal, try to find a scrape in heavy cover with multiple trails to it. Generally, in hilly terrain deer move down in the evening and up in the morning.

Find a scrape like that with fresh sign and stay there as long as you can. Remember midday hunting can be good during a full moon, especially during the rut.

Have fun.