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In respect to your years of shooting I went back and checked and reread the “Easton Tuning Guide”. It’s the same thing they have had up for years.

As I did the first time I read it still see it as something that has a lot left to figure out on your own.

All its wording pretains to using an elevated rest with a cusion plunger. It also gives every indication to shooting the bow vertical since this was their guide when FETA style shooting was so large.

It also given nothing in the line of tuning and shooting with FOC above 15%.

I too have been shooting and helping new shooters for over thirty years. Twenty five of those in the archery business where this was almost a daily thing to do.

At this point I see no need to continue this conservation. Lets just agree to disagree on tuning methods and let the ones reading this, that are trying to figure it out on their on by what they read, deside which method works best for them.