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Jason Wesbrock
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First of all, for a relative newbie you pose some excellent questions. The fact that you’re so concerned about proper arrow flight is great. I can’t begin to count how many folks with whom I’ve walked 3D courses that’ve talked about penetration problems and shot arrows that flew like snakes on a caffeine high. I’d be willing to bet that nearly all penetration problems come down to arrow flight (tuning) and shot placement (accuracy). Solve those two problems and the only question left is how far in the dirt you want your arrows to stick after passing through your animal. But I digress.

Yes, straight arrow flight with bare shafts is absolutely possible. I see you’re using Stu Miller’s calculator. It’s a great tool, and one I wish we had many years ago. With that tool you build an arrow with the proper dynamic spine in the weight you desire, and come away with an excellent starting point for tuning. From there, do a Google search for “Easton Tuning Guide” and follow the steps for bare shaft tuning. It’s still the best tutorial I’ve seen to date. It’s simple, straight forward, and doesn’t take you around the block just to get next door.