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😀 Im new here but most of the bows i make are plains Indian style.Short bows are a bit harder to tiller. the rule of thumb is draw length will be half the length of the working parts of the bow. S/A 59″- 5″ for handle if you make it non bending gives you 54″ of working limb, you should be able to get a 27″ draw. Hickory is very forgiving shouldnt have problems making a short bow. I would go with a 5″ handle 1 1/4″ at the fades and 1/2″ on the tips.get it shaped then start by floor tillering it so you can get it on long string and go from there. Thickness of limbs will depend on the piece of wood but most of the time i end up with 1 1/4″ handle and taper down to around 3/8″ at the tips. Hope this helps.