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Arne Moe
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IF you are NEW to traditional, here is what I would suggest to make it as easy as possible.

First, set your brace height to the manufacture’s recommendation. Next set a nocking point at about 1/2″ high (above square). If you want string silencers, fine but you really don’t need them yet.

Now, go shoot. Learn how to shoot the bow and do not stress over arrow flight or noise for a while (month or two). Once you get comfortable with what you have and start to get comfortable with your shooting form; THEN will be the time to start tuning! You will find that you will be able to shoot pretty well with this setup and that how you shoot (form) will have a larger effect on accuracy, arrow flight , etc. than any amount of tuning at this time.

This is much different than setting up a new C bow and your shooting form and style will have a larger effect on your shooting than tuning. To a point where for a while you will NOT be able to determine if the “thing” you want to fix is caused by your form or by tuning. ONE STEP AT A TIME! And the first step should be YOU!

Good luck, have fun! and let us know how it’s going from time to time.