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I thought I lost my son to shooting bow, because of lack of interest. I bought him a fibergalss “kids” bow when he was 4 and started teaching. As he grew older I could see He wasn’t interested as much as he used to be, until one summer he shot with me once. Everytime I asked if he wanted to shoot he said no. I wasn’t going to push the issue and let it be. I did some thinking and relized that he felt he just wasn’t enjoying it because of not being very consistant in hitting the target. I enrolled him in the NASP program and never saw a more excited kid when bullseyes were hit with consistancy. I bought him a Genisis bow and things turned around. Target shooting, Stump shooting, And when I introduced him to the spring sucker run and fishshooting, well lets just say he gives his dad a run for his money, with not only fish, but enthusiasum as well.
My feelings are that the Kids must not only be interested in a sport, but also enjoy it. Getting him a Genisis compound put the interest back into it and made it enjoyable. Let’s not forget, when shooting on a team there is also competition. A lot of the girls can really shoot. In fact we have had 2 state champions, both H.S. girls. the boys want one too. I decided it would be best, for him, to make his decision on what he wants to shoot, not I. If He wants to go trad. He has a bow, well a couple to choose from. If not maybe down the road he will have a change of heart and say, “you know my dad used to shoot one of those, I think I’ll give it a try.
Getting thousands of kids interested in archery is what the NASP is all about, Mfg’s needed to get invovled too or it wouldn’t have happened, rules established etc. ALL kids are shooting on an equal basis, equipment wise. What other shooting sport or othe sport in general can you say that about? I think it’s great, Besides I now have 2 new shootn’ partners.