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My children both shoot in the NASP. Son, 14, daughter 11. They have been in it now for about 3 years. I go to their practices. In our area it is put on through the city Rec dept, sanctioned through the NASP. Genisis bows are furnished, and easton genisis arrows also. The bow has different poundage from a min. to a max. with no let off and not draw length specific. You grow with the bow, in fact, I can shoot it, unfortunatley, for me, not as well as my kids. But that is a good thing. While some schools have established teams, ours would be what you call a pick up team. If you are signed up for the program you are entilted to go to state and compete. We usually have all kids signed up as a High School team, our youngest was in 5th grade this year. We are able to do this because otherwise we do not have enough High school age kids to make a team. The kids also shoot in there respect gruop as individuals. With that I am proud to say that our team took 4th palce in state competition, (2nd striaght year) and one of our high school girls was Co-state champion. Unfortunatley budget cuts and lack of fundraising did not allow our team to go to nationals in Kentucky. We did go last year however. Our co champian did however did get to go with the generosity of the other co champions team and also with monies donated from various local orginizations.
With that said, I think it is a good thing, There were over 5000 shooters at the nationals, That would be 5000+ school age shooters interested in the sport of archery. But what about the teams that did not go to the nationals? You have to place and meet a minimum score, I really do not no, what the total number would be for all the kids that are in the program one way or the other, But I do know it’s well more than 5000+. While these kids shoot a compound they also, DO NOT shoot, with all the gizmo’s associated with todays “kill em all, it’s not quality but how many and how far”. Fingers, no sights, no 99% let off’s, no triggers, scopes, infrared heat seekin nothing.
More to come……….Crash87