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David Petersen
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Shane, naming bows is fun, but perhaps best left unwritten on the bow itself, as Alex’s posts suggests … so you can change the name if you like. Also, in most cases having a pet name, or your name, as in “custom built for John Doe” inscribed permanently can lower the resale value. Like most, perhaps, each bow I buy I swear will be my last, the keeper and perfect bow to see me to the grave and be passed on in my will. But so far that’s never panned out. Either I see a new bow design I fall in lust with, or more recently and most often, as I age and fall out of trees, etc. I am gradually losing strength and forced to move to a lighter weight bow. So for most of us, we will sell most of our bows at some point and most of the time having a name, ours or a nickname for the bows, permanently marked on a limb can lead to less value. On the other hand, we’re all in this for fun and spend money constantly having that fun, so if it’s fund to name your bows, maybe it’s worth the potential decreased value. When I was building wood bows I named every single one, as they weren’t up for sale.